Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I'm sorry blog, was that you flat-lining? Stay with me! I'm not going to lose you!

My goodness, I've missed the entire month of August. Not that it was particularly interesting anyway, but it went by without a peep!

Well, as soon as this BIG week is over, you can expect some much needed attention.

For now:
  • The summer gardening went well, many tomatoes and peppers, happy happy herbs, the swiss chard really took off (which is a shame, since nobody likes it, live and learn!)
  • The knitting has been intermittent, usually eclipsed by more important studying.
  • The HPKCHC is back in full swing (expect more HP related dorkiness), so is Reducio Round 7
  • The holiday gift knitting has begun. Really. (Felted slipper socks for everyone this year!)
I'll be seeing you again soon, I promise!

Your absentee blogger