Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tiny sock knitting

Well, the people over on Ravelry that are responsible for the Reducio Mini Sock Swap are at it again, and so am I!

I don't have an assigned 'spoilee' yet, but that hasn't stopped me from knitting a pilot sock:
The penny is included for scale, and the Felix Felicis is included because this might be my Defense Against the Dark Arts homework assignment for the month as well.

I'm supposed to come up with something from Book 6, and hopefully stump the professor (for bonus points!), so this is the old sock of Uncle Vernon's that Harry uses to keep his prize bottle of Liquid Luck Potion. [Side Note: Not to be confused with Liquid Courage, a.k.a Adult Beverages.] Betcha didn't remember that! (If you did, kudos to you!)

True to my word, I posted it here first! Now, if someone could please tell me where the entire first week of July went, I'd be much obliged.

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