Monday, June 2, 2008

Is knitting weird?

I just had a long conversation with my brother that went something like this:
"You knit too much, it's weird. I get the whole 'dexterity' thing, but you like it too much." Bro
"Yes, I like to knit, so what's wrong with that?" Me
"It takes up all your free time though. Go do something more social." Bro [I'm plenty social, but I like my quiet time!]
"I only knit on the evenings when I'm watching TV instead of reading!" Me
"No, you sneak in knitting time whenever you can." Bro [damn, I didn't think anyone noticed.]
"Hey, there are plenty of knit-bloggers out there who are waaay more into it than I am!" [Yes, I'm rationalizing now.] Me
"You read blogs about knitting when you're not knitting. Wow." Bro [Hmm, this isn't going the way I planned.]

Am I too young for all of this? I'm 23, SWF, in graduate school with intentions of medical school. I've noticed that a lot of other knitters are mature, married, mothers, and a slew of other words that don't alliterate (or describe me in any way). I've always enjoyed swimming against the current, so to speak, not for the sake of being different but just by being me. [Or sanding against the grain, if you've seen any of my earliest refinishing projects.] But have I crossed some invisible line between different/uncommon and weird without knowing it? Now I'm feeling self-conscious about my knitting! That is going to put a crimp in finishing WIPs. I'm going to continue to ponder this for a while ...

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