Thursday, June 5, 2008

Paranoid Sweater Phobia

I have the back of my practice sweater with me for some easy stockinette worsted weight knitting and it's been causing me all sorts of grief. I'll admit that I possibly have a Paranoid Sweater Phobia which is really the root of all my sweater knitting insecurities. I find myself compulsively holding up my knitting for size after every row and pestering people (Excuse me, does this look too long? Is is too soon to start the armhole? And so on.)

I am now of the opinion that knitting patterns should not include inch/cm measurements because they give me permission to bring along my seamstress style measuring tape and let the inner scientist have free range to obsess over sixteenths and millimeters. I probably look like one of those crazy architecture students* in labs full of foam board, measuring every conceivable angle over and over again: measure, scrutinize, measure, check pattern, measure, decide to knit another row, measure, decide that row has pushed us over the line, scrutinize removing row, measure, and so on.

I am also guilty of trying on the two completed sleeves and wearing them around to scrutinize. I'm quite glad that I didn't bring them with me because it has stopped me from compulsively trying them on every time I check the back piece for size (that's every row). The prevailing concerns I have right now are 1) the arms are too long because the raglan decreases at the top seem to come up higher than I think they should and 2) that the arm hole decreases started too soon, or maybe too late and the thing is too long.

It's time for a break.

*I use the term "crazy" to denote an extreme devotion to detail and quality that probably keeps buildings from falling down on my head, so it is a term of greatest respect and thanks.

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