Monday, November 10, 2008

Dumbledore Socks are finished

I finished the second sock tonight and here they are, taking a soak in
the bathroom sink. The stripe pattern matched up with an exactness
that will continue to amaze me for a long time :-)

These were made from the Opal HP Dumbledore colorway using the
Quidditch sock pattern by Lauren Kent, but I stopped and bound off
before the calf increases (the pattern = knee socks, which are nifty
but I didn't think I'd have enough yarn).

[Side Note: The colors are great, but they just don't represent
Dumbledore to me for some reason. I love these socks despite that


  1. I think of Dumbledore as more midnight blue, myself. They sure knit up nicely and you matched the colour changes well.

  2. Ok, I haven't decided if it is acceptable to post comments on my own blog, but I'm going to this time.

    I agree, it would be great to have the colorway be midnight blue, and white (beard), and purple, and a really bright blue (eyes). In short, all of the colors associated with Dumbledore throughout the books (and maybe a little of the movies thrown in).

    Too bad I'm not a yarn dyer person. Something about "permanent color" and "I'm a total spaz sometimes" leads me to believe that it would not go well...