Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tag, I'm it!

I have been tagged for the disclosure of 7 random facts about myself by the lovely SusanB-knits.
[Side Note: I've added your blog to my reader and blog-roll! Love it!]

Now for the scoop:
1. I am perhaps a little competitive when it comes to arts&crafts projects. I don't get very many creative outlets in my chosen field(s) of study, so I tend to over-compensate when given the chance. Like by bringing fondant to a sorority gingerbread decorating contest and creating historically accurate representations of the founding sisters. Um, yeah, I won though!

2. I cannot carry a tune in a basket! I have no musical inclinations. None. So, in 5th grade when all the other girls in my class were in "Honor Choir" I didn't even try out. I never had to go to school early to 'practice' and I got to have extra recess with the boys (who were way more fun anyway!) when they would 'practice' some more before a big 'concert'.

3. Number 2 (above) is not going to stop me from getting Guitar Hero World Tour complete with drums and karaoke mic. I apologize to the neighborhood dogs in advance.

4. I dream in color. I had no idea that this was a somewhat rare occurrence for people, but I always have.

5. I like my tea with milk and sugar. Coffee ... eh, not so much. Diet Coke, right out of the can.

6. I'm allergic to more than my fair share of things. Wool too, a little bit. That's why Cortisone 10 is in the stashket with the WIPs. *itch* *itch* *itch*

7. The laboratory on Dexter's Laboratory is my dream lab. Is it weird to have a dream lab? How about an imaginary house on the cape?

I don't know all that many of you out there in blogland (not well enough to reach out and tag), so forgive me for breaking the chain! But if you want to be tagged, consider yourself tagged! You're it!

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  1. Love it! I'm so glad you played. Wasn't it fun? And to think, all those years of choir and band I was missing out on the good stuff!