Sunday, February 15, 2009


Did you know that Lion Brand Chenille yarn has been discontinued?  It was news to me, sadly.  I found a great sale price at $2 a ball and ordered it (to make a throw blanket in "antique white") from Jo-Ann.  I bought the only ball they had and I swatched with it.  I even blogged about it.

A month went by and there was no word on my special order, so I called the store.  They told me that the yarn had been discontinued and that they wouldn't be able to fill my order :-(  I got my money back, but it would have been nice if they had told me this BEFORE the yarn was ordered errantly and my time wasted.  Grr.  

Also, where else can I find a decent chenille yarn?  This is a novelty project, but I was kind of attached to the idea.  I even went to Pottery Barn and snuggled/felt up one of their Chunky Chenille Throw Blankets in the name of 'research'.  

In conclusion, "oh poop!"

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