Monday, March 15, 2010

Big ol' pile of seams

Yup, that's precisely what I see here, cleverly disguised as a blanket.

Actually, there are a bunch of other squares that missed picture day (because they were upstairs and I was not, haha). This is a behemoth: 64" x 88" when it's all together (more actually, because the carpet is rather grabbity and leads to stretching)!
In other news, all of the tomato seedlings made it this year. Yessiree, all 110 plants :-P. WHAT on earth am I going to do with all of them! They have been settled into their own 4" peat pots and are taking up an entire table by a sunny window. It's a 60/40 ish split between Roma and Brandywine, and my dad has some HawaiianTropic variety to share, and I haven't even gotten to the wee little cherry and Juliet varieties! At this rate I'll need to plough the entire backyard and open up a produce stand.

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