Friday, April 2, 2010

Betcha didn't think I'd finish it!

My patchwork blanket is done (for all intents and purposes)!

Sorry you're only getting iPhone pictures, my camera battery was not charged and ready for action.

This behemoth even got batting and a backing! I just need to tack all the layers together in a few spots, but I'm not quite sure how.
I am exhausted from the effort this took, but I'm so pleased with the results! Plus, it's big enough for a queen sized bed! I'll have to do some "modeled" shots of it on my bed once the camera is ready.

If you're considering a Ron Weasley Blanket like this one, I should warn you about the extreme amount of "finishing" ( a.k.a sewing) required. Take a look at that pile of ends!


1 comment:

  1. Great finish. If it were one day earlier, I'd say it was April fools because it's an unbelievably huge achievement. For my son's quilt we used buttons to attatch the backing (and made a bag for his duvet). My MIL uses embroidery floss knotted. Why not use your astounding ends?