Thursday, July 17, 2008

It's not invisible if you make it out of red yarn.

As I've added more knitting content to my Google.reader I've noticed all of the wonderful lacy things that people come up with. Fancy shawls, scarves, and even socks. The thought of knitting them conjured up images of dental floss yarn and toothpick size knitting needles though, so I was content to just admire the work of others for a long time.

Then I started paging through Charmed Knits (I was looking for good instruction on how to finish the neck of my Practice Sweater, and the Quidditch Sweater method worked well) and came across the Invisibility Shawl which mentions that it's an easy project to learn lacework on. Also I would get to solidify my ability to perform the Provisional Cast-On. It was a win-win really. AND I used the red sock yarn that I have hanging around from my One Red Sock. (It's definitely not getting a mate now.)

Yes, I know that it isn't exactly 'invisible' when I go and make it out of RED sock weight yarn.

I am absolutely enamored with lace construction now. [Side Note: It uses BIG needles. Huh.] There are only a few repeats left to do before it reaches the 40" size mentioned in the pattern (plus the finished edge) so clearly I'm falling down on the blogging in order to knit. Talk about your vicious circles huh?

Really, all the progress on this came as I sat in Jury Duty. 5 hours of uninterrupted knitting time before they called my number. I was actually concerned that I would finish it there in the smelly, hot waiting area before they got to me! I didn't bring anything to read and my iPhone was low on battery (and nary an outlet in sight). This could have quickly deteriorated into a lesser known circle of Dante Alighieri's hell construct, so I did what any rational person would do and I knit slower. [Knitted more slowly ... knitted slower ... knit slowly ... where's my 6th grade English teacher when I need her?]

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