Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sweater Carnage! (not for those who get squeamish about that sort of thing)

I found an old sweater in the "Stuff We're Sending to Goodwill" bag that my mom no longer wants/wears/loves. It was coming apart a little along one of the seams and lo and behold, there were actual sweater construction methods employed in the making of this sweater! Which means that sweater destruction methods (rip, rip, rip!) can be used to reclaim the yarn.

I really liked the look and feel of the sweater (its made out of a varitable zoo of animal fibers) so I decided to inflict some sweater carnage and harvest the yarn for my own purposes. I'll spare you the pictures because this sort of thing can be unsettling (and because I didn't take any).

The sweater came apart with remarkable ease and the yarn is quite lovely. It's rather thin, only a fine 3-ply and I have oodles of it now. It takes a whole lot of fine yarn to make a sweater apparently. [Side Note: I lost some yarn to the carnage. Not much. Just when I missed the seam and cut through the working yarn. Idiot. I kept these short strands because they could come in handy later for strategic seaming purposes.]

I doubt that this yarn will be reincarnated back into sweater form (because there is a bit less of it now and the original was a bit snug to begin with). This reclaimed yarn hasn't decided what it wants to be yet, so it will hang out in the stash for a bit. [Side Note: 'Stash' is a bit of a joke. It's just the odds and ends of left over yarn I've accumulated. I buy what I'm going to knit with and then I start as soon as the yarn is legally in my possession. What I really have is a large WIP collection.]

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