Friday, July 18, 2008

Olive this hat!

I love puns. They're witty and cheesy and they pop into my head all the time. When I saw the cute Olive hat on The Blue Blog the other day I chuckled to myself at the cleverness. Then I realized that I have olive green yarn lying around from a yarn project my mom started in about 1975. [Side Note: My mom doesn't knit but I think she did a reasonable crochet impersonation on a throw blanket for my grandparents. (I've never seen it, probably because it was made of olive green, Brady Bunch kitchen orange, and brown.) Also, my mom has forgotten how to crochet since then, I've asked.]

I pulled out my trusty hat pattern and made a size small hat in under a few hours out of the old olive acrylic. It's too bad the ancient acrylic makes my forehead itch like it's made of steel wool. This will need a lining, which I've never done on a hand knit hat (just a store bought one). No rush though, it's JULY.

I used duplicate stitch to put the pimento on (and stitched around it to even out the border). Sometimes it looks like a green hat with a red dot, but if you get the right perspective it looks just like a manzanilla olive. My dad got the joke right away, "Oh, is that a cocktail olive hat? Olive it! Haha get it?" yes dad, I get it ;-)

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