Friday, August 8, 2008

And because I can't leave well enough alone ...

I'm ready for Ravelympics now! I found all sorts of scarves I liked, but ultimately I decided to pull my favorite elements together and make up my own pattern. [Side Note: This is because I simply cannot leave well enough alone and just knit someone else's perfectly good (and tested) pattern.]

I'm pulling the main inspiration from another knitter's chart though, so I won't publish it here without their permisson (which I intend to e-mail them to attain). Suffice to say that it involves cables and bobbles (which are waaay more fun than they look like they will be). The swatch was very fun and I figure that if I knit at full speed I could do one pattern repeat (32 rows?) every day. 17 repeats might make a monstrously long scarf though, so I'll start with one repeat every two days and pick up the pace at the end if I feel like it won't be long enough.

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