Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Scarf With Cables and Bobbles Too

Well, I tried the "permission" thing first because I was sampling from another knit pattern, but I haven't gotten a response. I believe that I have changed the pattern/chart enough from the original that a) you probably won't know what it was before and b) there's no way you could reverse engineer what it was before from what I've created.

So I'm sharing the chart from the Ravelympics project that I took on, but I'm not going to say which pattern it mimics (just in case). Please click on the image to make it bigger!
  • The four stitches on either end of the pattern are all knit stitches, i.e. the garter stitch border.
  • I used six rows of garter stitch to begin (and end) the scarf.
  • My bobble construction method was:
    • K, P, K into bobble stitch; turn
    • P row; turn
    • K row; turn
    • P row; turn
    • pass 2nd and 3rd stitch over 1st stitch and knit into the back of the 1st stitch.
  • Use as many repeats as you desire until you get to scarf-length.
  • On size 6 (4 mm) needles with a slim DK weight yarn each pattern repeat ended up being 4".
  • Also, you should probably have a cable needle at the ready for this project, unless you are superfancy and don't need one. In which case, nobody likes a show off.
Now, if you are the person who I tried to contact and you believe that I shouldn't be putting this chart on my blog you'll have to let me know! I respect your intellectual property and will pull it ASAP. And ask your forgiveness. [Side Note: In real life, I'm a firm believer that both permission and forgiveness are overrated. Bah, silly human social constructs. I try to avoid situations that involve either of these things. And moral turpitude. I try to avoid that too.]

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