Monday, August 20, 2012

In a jam

No, not with the sweater.  The peaches were too delectable to resist right now, so I got a whole 5lb box.  They were already ripe, so I needed to take care of the lot right away.
Here they are all blanched and skinned and looking juicy.  I kept a few fresh ones out too.  These were some enormous fruits and thankfully they were the freestone variety (meaning that the flesh doesn't cling to the pit which could make pit-removal a Sisyphean endeavor).
Some pectin and a bunch of sugar and they were fit to be canned!  The whole canning process (and a little bit of snarkiness) can be found on
I got 6 pint jars of jam, and put up 2 quart jars of slices in light syrup.  Aside from some very successful cherry jam earlier this month, this is my first real foray into canning.  All it makes me think of is this commercial:
"I can my own homemade jam: apricot." haha!  It's funny how my brain holds on to the most random things, huh?

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