Sunday, August 19, 2012

Let's dredge up something from the past

Remember when I got this yarn for Christmas a couple of years ago?
I tried mightily to convert it into a glorious cabled sweater ...
and I came up short on yarn by the time I got to the sleeves.

At least I think I've come up short.  Otherwise, I abandoned this project when I was in sight of the finish line, and that's rather unsettling to contemplate.  You see, when I come up against a fatal flaw in a project I'm not the type to rip it asunder immediately.  No.  It's going to sit there and think about what it did.  The more I think about it though, the more concerned I become that I may have gotten spooked by the mere possibility of running out of yarn and bagged it up.  I came across this bag recently and it got me thinking.  Shall I attempt to pick it up again and see how far I get?  This might be a nice surprise, and at the very least I should be able to determine if it really is destined for the Frog Pond. 

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