Sunday, August 26, 2012


In case any of you were on the edge of your seat, I have achieved my goal of getting a Vin Scully ringtone to announce the start of games for me!  It turns out that you can make pretty much anything into a ringtone if you have Garage Band (which is a really cool bit of software that I know next to nothing about, but I can make a ringtone!).  I'm rather pleased with how well it went.  I'd share the ringtone with you, but I'm not entirely sure how that would work since the blog doesn't seem to be able to handle that format.  Also, I'm not entirely sure if anyone besides me wants a Vin Scully ringtone.  That seems like kind of a niche market if we're being honest ;-)

In other more interesting blogable news I seem to have gotten the hang of crochet (thanks to my advanced studies on the subject, ha!).
It's just a little red dishcloth from one of the ball-band patterns, but I'm quite happy that I was able to 1) decipher the pattern and 2) execute it.  I had quite a mental block about crochet for so long, so it's nice to be past that (even if knitting will always be my go-to craft).  I think I just needed to get better at reading my stitches and keeping track of where exactly I am in a pattern.

This little cloth also earned me a medal in the Ravellenics competition (a.k.a. the-games-that-must-not-be-named).  After first competing in this style of crafting event in 2008 I went looking for other groups that made crafting into a "competitive sport".  That's how I found the House Cup lo' those many years ago.  I can't believe how much the group has grown and how proud I am that my house has won the cup again!  Though my contributions this past term were minor, I have big plans for the upcoming Fall term.  I'd like to try for another OWL and do a little designing along the way.  Plus, the Fall term is usually when I get all of my holiday crafting done.  Needless to say I need the competitive aspect of the cup to push me towards meeting my deadlines.  For example, I am hopeful that my Uncle won't be the proud recipient of an "I.O.U. a knit hat" this year (sorry Uncle Rob, but your head is bigger than the kids').

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