Friday, January 30, 2009

Finished that Noro Stripe scarf!

I finished my 1x1 rib Noro Cash Island scarf and I love it! It's super soft (duh, cashmere) and doesn't make my neck itch. Ok, if I think really hard about it, I can feel a little itchy-ness, but I'm sure it's imaginary. Like when you think about little creepy crawly critters like ants and all of a sudden you can feel them on you. [Shudder]
I've decided that this is my favorite section of the scarf, because I love the turquoise color, and the way it transitions into pink.
This is the whole scarf, or most of it. It's pretty skinny, as scarves go, but I like it better that way. I tried a bunch of different widths during the 'Knit 6" and then change my mind' part of the process, and this one was perfect. 36 sts wide, on size 7 straight needles.
P.S. There hasn't been any pilling, but if I keep petting it, it might felt. Oops!
P.S.S. Also pictured are the pretty bathroom towels that no one is allowed to use.


  1. Lovely scarf. There are no two alike. I made one for my nephew and he wore it every day of grade 12.

  2. Beautiful scarf! I like the way the colors transition.