Saturday, January 31, 2009

Acid Pop (TM) Scarf!

My mom wanted a bright green scarf this year, so I ordered 4 balls of Shine Worsted from Knit Picks in Green Apple.  It's quite a color, and the Cotton + Modal yarn is sooo soft and buttery!  Also, it was just enough to push me into the free shipping category, yay!

I then went paging through some stitch cards to find something I wanted to turn into a pattern, and I found the Eyelet-Diamond Pattern.  After two repeats of the pattern I knew that I had a bona-fide WIN on my hands, so I'm sharing it with the world even before I'm done knitting it!  It reminds me of the embossing that the Harry Potter book covers have (if you have a hardcover, American version).  The color of the yarn just lends itself so nicely to the title I decided on : *Acid Pop (TM) Scarf* 

CLICK on the Pattern (and HERE) for a FREE PDF download!
The pattern can also be found on Ravelry.

Speaking of Ravelry, I put the pattern up this morning and people LOVED it!  I was so pleasantly surprised to have 130+ people download it today, wow!  :-)

[Side Note: I know the pattern says to end on Row 1, but it really makes more sense to end on Row 2 and then bind off knit-wise.  That's minor though.]


  1. Beautiful scarf! Thank you for the pattern. I've been looking for a scarf pattern to make for myself and I love this one. (now to convince hubby I should order more yarn. just received a big order from Knit Picks today)

  2. Thanks for the pattern. I'm sure I've made this in a baby sweater which makes me wonder if I shouldn't mix it into EZ February baby.