Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wait a second ... all the handknits have to match?!

After an incredible bit of insight from the Yarn Harlot today I realized that none of my knits actually match any other knits.  At least not really.  And at the time I was wearing my Dumbledore socks, my red not-so-invisible scarf, and my olive hat which is far too many knitted items at one time (bordering on crazy knitter levels).  In my own defense, the 'pimento' on the hat matches the scarf and I wear a plain black pea-coat.  You couldn't even see the socks.  [Side Note: Yes, I'm trying to justify the crazy.]
So that's how the muggles pick us out from the crowd, mismatched handknit items?!  Well, that and the pointy sticks and the yarn ;-)

In a separate and unrelated conversation as we were walking into Costco:
me: Oh, what if they sold yarn at Costco!
mom: *stunned silence*
me: How long do you think it would take me to get more than I could knit in my lifetime.
mom: *stunned and horrified silence*
me: They probably wouldn't have much variety, but I think they would make up for it in sheer quantity.
mom: I can just imagine them loading a pallet of yarn into your Jeep.  Stay away from the Member Services desk.


  1. I too was stunned to find that my hand knits do not "match!" But now that I am over 50... I don't care!!
    I just finished my first Dumbledore sock and started the mate. I can't wait to finish so I can wear them.

    What a great idea!! yarn at Cosco. Too bad we don't have a Cosco in our small town. (we do have SAMS)

  2. I don't like matchy-matchy. My handknits get along with one another. I wouldn't be allowed at Costco. It's bad enough they sell books.