Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Irish Hiking Hat = British Driving Hat

"You know, I don't think you've ever knit anything for me." -- Dad
Well, we can't have that!  My dad really needed a warm hat as he likes to take his MG roadster out for a spin with the top down on a regular basis.  Baseball caps just don't do the job when the chilly air is rushing past your ears.
I used this pattern right off of ravelry (Irish Hiking Hat-Archived) and knit it to the letter.  [Side Note: The only modification that I made was to the title, since my dad won't be using it for Irish hiking but British driving.]  
This was the feel-good project of the weekend because I cast on Friday afternoon and finished blocking and all by Sunday afternoon!  This might be the fastest project I've ever done.

This is the hat with the brim folded down.  I love how dimensional those cables are!  And yes, it is sitting on a silver charger plate.  The hat was clean, the plate was clean, I'm not bothered by it and the colors seemed to want to be together.  So there.
This is the top view of the hat (which looks like a flower to me) graciously modeled by my brother.  "Jeez, did  you use a watermelon for size?"--Brother 
It's going to fit my dad just right though, and I didn't use a watermelon for size :-P


  1. Nice hat. I'm going to have to make one!

  2. Great hat and a nice quick project. D has already lost the alpaca one I made him in December. I wonder if he gets another one?