Monday, June 22, 2009

Holy Backlog Batman! (1 of many)

This little beauty is my doily version of the Jared Flood Hemlock Ring Blanket. My prize winning doily I might add! Seriously, is there anything better in this world than having your work appreciated by people you love and respect and admire? It fills me up with knitterly pride :-D.

I used crochet cotton (cardinal and gold, of course) and my newly acquired (on sale!!) addi turbo size 0 circular. It wasn't tedious until the picot edging. ::GROAN:: I have long entertained the idea of making this in the intended blanket size, but that border has made me think twice about it. I already have one giant blanket project languishing in the corner, sending me forlorn, neglected vibes; it sure doesn't need a partner to commiserate with!

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful doily! Congratulations on winning. Now I want to knit one! size 0 circular huh? guess I'll have to go shopping (darn, lol!)