Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Holy Backlog Batman! (3 of many)

Huzzah for mini sock swaps! I recently participated in the Reducio mini sock swap and, pictured above, is what I received from my lovely Spoiler. That is the fluffiest, loveliest cotton yarn I've ever come across and I'd love to make, well, anything out of it! The awesome inverted holly will be decorating my table top christmas tree this year :-) Not pictured were the little Toblerone treats. Because they were eaten.
This is the package that I sent to my spoilee. She got a mini weasley sweater with her initial on it (and some little Lavender buds) a couple socks (one quidditch and one regular house sock) and some other applicable goodies.

[Side Note: The sweater counted for HPKCHC homework, because it had a monogram on it! Sweet!]

I really liked participating in this swap, and I think I'll do it again in the future. It made going to the mailbox fun again!

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  1. Cute minatures! They are fun to make especially the socks, lol.