Friday, June 12, 2009

Dear Blog,

Where did all this time go?  I really haven't posted in over a month?  Wow.  I am such a slacker!  

I think I mentioned that I was participating in a great big knitting competition/game on Ravelry (way back before this unplanned hiatus).  Well, it has been immensely fun, but bad for the blogging, because I've been putting all of my blogable content on there, and not here.  For shame!

I have recently made:  a wand tip protector, (no real purpose IRL, oh well, it's shiny and pretty) a scrub cap (see last blog post, prior to absence), a fancy-pants doily (the doily version of the Jared Flood Hemlock Ring Blanket, and it WON A PRIZE ::insert happy dance::!), a fluffy white tree-skirt for a table-top christmas tree (with silver buttons!), a blue market-bag for hauling groceries, and a mini weasley sweater that got sent to my Reducio swap buddy (along with a couple mini socks).  Whew!

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