Sunday, April 5, 2009

Gettin' Goin' in the Garden

I don't know where that kitchy/cheesy title came from, but once I said it out loud I knew it was a keeper.  Sorry.

These are my floppy Freesias, being held up with kitchen twine and sticks.  
And the wide angle effect.  It looks a lot more 'finished' now with all that bark there.  I should have put the garden hose away, but you don't mind do you?
My raised planter bed, full of pine tree related junk.  I could spend a week picking out those little pollen related thingies, but I just don't stock that particular brand of crazy.
This is Pete, the garden gnome who protects the plants, wards off neighborhood cats, and gives nosy pigeons a sharp jab with that pick-ax (at least I hope he does, because they deserve it).  Pete is very pleased with himself and his work in the garden.  Verrry pleased :-)
Here we have a Brandywine tomato plant, looking the way they are supposed to when they are alive and cared for by a nursery during the delicate seedling stage.  Mine are all long since deceased.  So I bought this one at the nursery too.
This Jalapeno plant was on sale at the nursery, so I figured "eh, why not.  Peppers are pretty hard to kill aren't they?"  This concerned the staff.  But, here it is, completely alive and producing flowers like crazy!  There are little wee pepper buds forming inside the flowers, hopefully to become full grown, fiery fruits.  It took a little battering by the wind, but it seems to be doing ok.
And finally, the neat little row of swiss chard.  When they get about 2" high I'll thin them out to about a foot apart.  I should be able to keep 8 plants that way, allowing for a few of each color.  [Side Note: I'm not completely sure that I even like swiss chard, but I was drawn to the bright colors on the seed packet.  Magenta!  Gold!  Red!  White!  Pathetic.  If they ever make shiny seed packets I'll be in real trouble!]


  1. Nice garden. My husband has been going on about getting a garden gnome. So I casually mentioned your "Pete" and of course my husband was on again about getting one! I told him we don't have a garden but he doesn't care. hehe, so I may end up with a gnome in amongst my rose bushes.

  2. I'm reserving judgement on the garden until it actually produces something, besides splinters and blisters. I've always wanted a garden gnome too, but I don't know where the impulse comes from. Perhaps that David the Gnome cartoon circa 1987. Anyways, Pete sends his regards and advises that most gnomes love rose bushes.