Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Can't escape the gravity!

Sooo, I'm maybe a bit enthralled with Guitar Hero World Tour at the moment.  I'm becoming quite a drummer, and I just can't seem to put the sticks down.  At least not long enough to pick up the other sticks, you know, the ones used for knitting?  
So far, what I lack in 'natural rhythm' I'm making up for in obsessive practice.  There has to be a breakthrough moment where it all gels and I'm drumming like a pro, so I'm working towards that.
This might not be a very interesting blog post for anyone who hasn't played this game, so I'll wait patiently while you go pick one up ...
... (and for any karaoke fans out there, it has a microphone and scrolling words and everything!)

Aaand in other news, I've signed up for a swap on ravelry!  It's centered around tiny things, tiny socks, and the Herbology theme.  Yes, it's Potter related too!  I'll be knitting a mini sock and something else tiny while also including my swap partner's house colors as well as something Herbology-ish.  This is my very first swap, so I'm a little nervous about living up to expectations etc.  I mean, there are far better knitters out there than I'll ever be. 
I also have to rustle up some goodies to go with it, but I'll have to wait until I know who will be receiving them (personalization.  WANT.)  


  1. Noooooo! Don't tell me how cool ROck Band is! I've vowed not to take it up, after spending way too much time playing Guitart Hero.