Sunday, April 5, 2009

A list:

  1. It's April. 
  2. It's been April for a while now, and yet no April blog posts?  Oops.
  3. I'm convinced that wallpaper removal is destined to be my own private circle of hell, ala the Alighieri construct.
  4. The swiss chard is sprouting!  I haven't killed it yet, so we're doing pretty well here.
  5. Happy Belated Birthday to Fred and George (April 1, how fitting)!
  6. I've decided that it's ok to reference fictional characters as if they are real people.  Sometimes. 
  7. My bubble wrap ... wrap has a back and some sleeve progress now.  I will take pictures of many things for the next post.  When it is not 1 AM.
  8. I am convinced that I went to bed with a breathe right strip on my nose last night, but I woke up without it.  Curious.  I hope it isn't stuck to the sheets!
  9. Nope, I guess this list ends at 8.  

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