Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Fight On!

Fight On for ol' SC
Our men Fight On to victory.
Our Alma Mater dear,
looks up to you
Fight On and win
For ol' SC
Fight On to victory
Fight On!

There's nothing like that Trojan Spirit! A hundred thousand fans in the Coliseum cheering, standing, and throwing up the two-finger Fight On! salute. It gives me chills! I'm getting so stoked for football season to start up again that I thought I'd created an SC embossed pattern. I worked the gauge so that it's a square, but you can knit it into anything/everything with just the graph (at the bottom).

I used b&w in an effort to show more detail on the embossing...
Here's another angle. It becomes more visible up close. I haven't decided what I'm going to make with this logo yet, but it could become a checkerboard blanket of Cardinal and Gold squares.


  1. Thank you my girl loves SC I have got to make her this.

  2. Great pattern! Thank you and FIGHT ON!

  3. This is great. FIGHT ON!!!!