Thursday, May 22, 2008

Socks. Yes, socks.

My LYS, a place called Gail Knits is a wonderful find! It may also lead to problems such as falling in love with every yarn ball in the store. I was just a little awestruck on my first visit, but something about the place made me believe I could make anything.

That is how I came home with a great big ball of Cascade merino/nylon sock yarn in red. I'm not ready to admit defeat (hehe, or should I say defeet) on the sock front. Other people can do it, why not me? Short row heels, that's why not. But I'm willing to work on it! I'm doing what I do best now, exhaustive research, and I hope to build up the confidence to get out the tiny DPNs and start. Until then, I have a beautiful ball of yarn (they wound it at the store for me too!) that can sit on my desk and encourage me, or gather dust waiting.

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