Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Two Sleeves; usually necessary for a sweater.

The sleeves of my practice sweater are complete! They are even seamed, as per my seam-as-I-go edict. Although I didn't lay them out very carefully for the picture, they are exactly the same size and shape with lovely, even gauge. This "practice sweater" is turning out to be just what I needed to build my sweater confidence.

Now raglan seams are something I'm not familiar with, but after extensive internet searching I believe that it works the same as the mattress stitch, just along the diagonal sleeve line. Am I wrong? That step is still a front and a back away, so I won't worry about it for now.

So what else do I have hanging around on the needles? Let's see: that world record afghan, the tweed stitch dishcloth, part of my First Sock that's waiting to be ripped, and the Gryffindor pillow that still needs seams.

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