Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I have a LYS?!

In one of those moments of sudden realization it occurred to me that the term "LYS" might actually have a meaning. I only read a select few knit-blogs on a regular basis and the authors are all located in the North Eastern US. This is significant because for the longest time I believed that "Lys" might be a craft store chain that only had stores in the NE. My train of thought often went like this "I wish they would hurry up and build a Lys out here!" I realize now how laughable that sounds, but would it kill anyone to write out "Local Yarn Store" every now and again?

Once this dawned on me I searched for yarn stores in my area and found one not more than 2 miles from my house! I must have driven past it a million billion times without ever noticing. That's where I'm going now, and hopefully I will come back with some fun things and broader knitting horizons :-)

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