Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Salazar the Bear

See, I told you that I had Slytherin leanings. And no, I don't think it makes me a bad person. It also doesn't make me one of the emo/hot topic crowd either. Anyways, meet Salazar:

He's a knit bear in Hunter Green and Heather Grey Simply Soft yarn. He's 15" standing up, has two snap-on button eyes, and loves long walks on the beach. His ears hadn't been sewn on until just now because I had to get a new yarn needle (the old one broke while I was doing his nose details, darn bear). He languished in the BIN OF UNFINISHED KNITS for months before he finally got ears and paw details and even a mouth!
He looks pretty happy to be out of the bin, don't you think?

Sal's pattern was quite a project, though it is ranked as Beginner in the book that it came from [Readers Digest The Complete Knitting Set]. It's a bit finicky for me, so he probably won't have any bear buddies any time soon. Want to make one for yourself? Here's the pattern I used!

You can use any colors you want to though. Make yourself a Godric, Helga, or Rowena out of contrasting house colors. Or I suppose you could make a regular bear too, but I think this was more fun!

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