Monday, April 14, 2008


My local JoAnn's is having a great big sale because they're remodeling, so I picked up a couple of Caron GIANT one pound yarn balls and some new, smaller double pointed needles (#4 or 3.5 mm).

It's a lovely dusty navy color called Cape Cod Blue 539. They had so much yarn on sale that I got a little overloaded and ended up just getting this. I'm regrouping and going back this weekend with a plan and some patterns in mind. Otherwise I just wander around looking at yarn for 2 hours. Quite unproductive.

I wonder what this yarn will become? I didn't have any particular pattern or project in mind when I picked it up, I just liked the color. It's a very basic worsted weight acrylic so the possibilities are nearly endless. [Side note: I love the look of Wool yarn but it makes me abnormally itchy :-( and sometimes leads to hives.]
New needles are a good thing, but at 40% off they're a steal! Perhaps I'll try to make socks again ... My first attempt was somewhat unsatisfying, so I gave it up (perhaps too soon).

I also priced those fancy-pants knit markers I've been going on about, and at $3.50 a bag I'll stick to the free paper-clips on principle. At least paper-clips are multi-taskers!

AND I forgot to get the bobble eyes for my little owl critter. Sigh. See what yarn sales do to me? I got all distracted!

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